Thursday, March 16, 2017

My top ten lands in commander

Hey, guys, we're back and today I'm giving you my personal top ten lands in commander.
These lands are my personal go to lands and in my opinion the best of the best in competitive commander. If you're interested in seeing the community based best lands in commander that information is here:

Or you can just look at this pretty pic based on how often they came up in someone's top ten

So with that in mind here's my own personal top ten. Feel free to give me your own personal top ten.

10: Tarnished Citadel

This is a land that I personally think didn't get enough love in the community-based votes. Not because it's not good, but I don't think many people know about it.
City of Brass and Mana Confluence are often referred to as staples in the format and Citadel isn't too much different.
Yes, the 3 damage part hurts a load more but unlike the other two, you can tap this land without hurting yourself. I find that when you need the colored mana it's a great land to have on board and the colorless source helps as well. Give it a try yourself, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

9: Gaea's Cradle
Based on pure power I think Cradle can easily top the list but the problem is you can't place it in as many decks as the other cards on this list. In the decks where it's played it is often the best land in the deck but like I said, it isn't placed in as many decks as the other cards on the list.
There is nothing quite like tapping a land for 10 plus mana and if you've ever played this card you can see why it would be placed on a list of the best of the best. I wish I can put it up higher and I can see why others would but the color restriction makes it not as much of a staple.

8: Shock lands
Now we're getting more into universal staples for nearly every deck. Now when a land goes into pretty much every deck why would it be lower on the list? Well, let's say you're playing a 3 or 4 color deck that mainly focuses on blue. You'll throw in all the duals and fetches you can in it but some of the time shocks can be cut. An example of this would be in Zur Doomsday where you have the duals, fetches, but don't run Godless Shrine (I'm not saying this is the routine for every deck).
With it being mandatory in 2 colors but less so as you go up I think number eight is a decent slot. There really are few situations where you don't want all the shock lands but they do exist.

7: City of Brass
6: Mana Confluence

I didn't see much reason in talking about how good City of Brass was and then saying the same thing about Confluence. Both of them are pretty much mandatory in anything with two or more colors.
The life loss doesn't really matter when the best decks are combo or lock down so having access to the colors you need when you need them is far more important and both of these give you exactly what you need, when you need it, at minimal cost.

5: Ancient Tomb

Much like City and Confluence I think that Tomb goes into nearly every single deck. I can see it being cut from 4 or 5 color decks that are very hungry for colors but other than that it's something I always add to decks.
The turn one Tomb into a talisman or signet often means you can play the higher CMC cards in your hand turn two and have the mana advantage early so you can press on and lock down or combo out shortly after. And it's specifically Tomb over something like Temple of the false god or Crystal vein because of how it can do this turn one and repeatedly. Remember like I said for City and Confluence, Life is a resource.

4: Command tower
Of course, this had to be on here, but just where? I'm sure you can guess the next three slots based on Command Tower's placement.
Command tower goes in pretty much everything. The only reason is if you're playing 1 or 0 colors but other than that you stick it in your deck and have a good time. I don't need to tell people why this card is good because we all know well and good how good it is. In our poll it came in at third and that totally makes sense.

3: Strip Mine
What does every land we've mentioned so far have in common? They all die to Strip Mine.
If you're having an issue with a land then strip mine can handle it. If your opponent missed a land drop then strip mine can seal them out of a game.
If you have a crucible then you can lock an opponent out for the game. This card is so damn good that unless you just really need the colors you should be running it.
Granted if you're playing pure combo and don't care about taking out resources I can see this being removed but the uncounterable resource denial undoubtedly puts Strip Mine as something anyone should consider.

2: The dual lands
 Well...duh. If you're playing a deck with two or more colors you often want to maximize the duals you run. The dual typing that works very well with our totally not obvious number one make it so you have the color you need and then some. Plus they add serious style points to your deck. Like shock lands, you want to add as many as you can to your deck but unlike shock lands, there isn't much reason to cut them because there will be situations where you need your less used colors and then you'll have the dual because you used....

1: The Fetch Lands
I really tried to put something else as number one but there is no way to justify it. Fetch lands are clearly the best lands in commander. The ability to get the colors you need, when you need them and the synergy they have with staples like Sensei's top, Sylvan Library, Brainstorm, and Crucible made this an easy choice. There are very few situations in which you don't want to have every single fetch land in your deck.

Honorable Mentions:
The Tabernacle at Pendrells Vale
Bazaar of Baghdad
Horizon Canopy
Mishra's Workshop
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Inventor's Fair

Dishonorable mentions
Karoo lands
Temple of the false god
Lands that enter tapped.

Well, that's my personal top ten. What about your own? Let me know what you think and let's get this discussion going.

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