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Top ten lands in commander, voted by you

Hey guys, it's time to look over manabases once again but this time I'm not rating them; you are.
Because I'm super lazy and community-based top tens seem all the rage here's the top ten lands in commander (As voted by you)

We got nearly 300 replies in which people ranked their own top ten and I took the results from them and got some numbers for you all, because we all need numbers in our top tens.
With over 500 lands to vote on there are so many options and when we get to the results I think it will surprise you.

10: The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale  (14.1% of votes)
 The most expensive land on the list comes in at number ten and it's easily an All-Star in the stax and control decks. Denying resources and forcing people to pay to keep creatures alive and brutalize decks. Some of my favorite experiences include dropping this after a land wipe and forcing my opponents to start over on board states.
I love that this made the list and enjoy seeing it whenever I can. Which considering it's price tag means pretty much only seeing it online.

9: Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (17.6% of votes)

What can we really say about Urborg? It's pretty much mandatory in decks with black and the fact that it can be played in decks without black makes it all the better. Turning lands like Tabernacle into mana sources also helps a ton. Fixing your mana and making things like Kormus bell hurt your opponents too gave this a ton of votes.
The synergy with Cabal Coffers certainly doesn't hurt.

8: Mishra's Workshop (18.2% of votes)
 The only land that can produce three mana but only for artifacts. However landing this on turn one or two and getting yourself a turn one coalition relic or even Gilded lotus with more cards means that you're all set for the rest of the game. Not other land ramps you quite like this one does and in the artifact decks it's played it's one of the best cards you can get. Even in decks with 3 or 4 colors you'd want to play the Workshop since it allows you to abuse early mana super early. Not surprised to see this on the list at all.

7: Ancient Tomb (27.9% of votes)
Getting fifty percent more votes than Workshop. Yes, it's not as powerful as workshop can be however Tomb ramps you two mana for any spell. Dropping turn one signets or talismans mean that the next turn you can play your bigger spells. Out of all the lands on the list I think Ancient tomb makes the cut in nearly 100 percent of decks. Zero to four color likely want it easily and even some five color decks. Try it out and see how abusable it is.

6: Shock lands (32.8% of votes)
I don't know what to really say about this. If your deck is two or more colors you often want to throw in every single shock land you can in the deck. In four or five color decks I can see cutting one or two of them for more powerful lands or ones that tap for more colors.
You guys clearly agree as it made it this high over powerhouses like Ancient Tomb and there were plenty of results that had shock lands but just below the other lands that are higher up.

5: Strip Mine (36.9% of votes)
This is the land on here that kills all the lands on this list. Being able to take out lands like Ancient tomb, tabernacle, shocks, and the remaining lands on the list make this a clear star in nearly every deck in commander. It is fairly rare that you have a commander deck without strip mine in it. There's a reason it's restricted in vintage and commander. Super powerful and if you're not playing it you're wrong. I'm honestly surprised it's not higher on the list

4: Gaea's Cradle (45.9%)
Remember how Workshop taps for 3 for artifacts only?
Well, cradle can tap for far far far more.
Decks that run green and are creature based will often run this or really wish they could. Like the rest of the lands on the list I don't need to justify why it's super good because the fact that almost half the votes had a cradle in it and high on their own list shows just how insane it is. A perfect target for Strip mine.

3: Command tower (53.1%)
Honestly, the top three shouldn't come to a shock to anyone with working brain cells but I thought for sure Command tower was going to win first. I suppose it's not used in every deck since mono-colored decks don't want it but it's still the first land I think of when I make a commander deck and unless I'm making a mono or no color deck makes the cut 100 percent of the time.
I must admit there were some pretty stupid votes but hey, this was voted by you all.
Don't shoot the messenger.

2: The dual lands (58.6%)
Now I can see cutting certain shock lands if your manabase focuses on other colors more but cutting dual lands (Assuming you have the budget) is just insane. I did think Command tower would beat them but just the same as command tower I think any deck with two or more colors wants as many of these guys as possible. Also surprised that it didn't hit 60 percent of the votes

1. The fetch lands (61.3%)
I don't disagree with this placement at all. If you're making a deck you often want to throw in as many fetches for color fixing as possible. Decks with three duals will often have 8-9 fetches. If they run the one dual and shock they should be running 6-7 fetches. Even in mono colored the fetch lands are just good in there too. They're not super mandatory but when optimizing they're the first step.

Here are the rest of the results:
 Things to note:
Plenty of lands got 0 votes. Even with nearly 300 people voting there were plenty of lands that were not mentioned even once. Not saying that they're all bad but I guess they're not quite good enough for it.

Basic lands beat out plenty of other cards (Mostly thanks to Island). I don't disagree as I think the fact that basics are fetchable and don't enter tapped they actually are fairly viable.

There were a few votes with Mana confluence on the list but no City of Brass. I agree that it's better but they're both pretty much staples in commander. I found it odd that they're not right next to another.

The best cycle after the top ten comes to pain lands. I actually like them quite a bit as a more budget option since they don't come into play tapped and they don't always have to hurt you. Consider them for your decks if you can't finish up the high-value cards.

Tarnished Citadel barely made the list which surprised me. I feel like it's not very well known which hurts it a ton but another Mana Confluence/City of brass effect is fantastic in commander.

Shizo, Death's Storehouse was the only card in it's cycle to make the cut. Not a surprise there.

Despite Tabernacle, Cradle, and Workshop making the list Bazaar of Baghdad didn't get as much votes. It seems like the price wasn't an issue for most people when voting so I don't quite understand why it didn't make the cut.

Bounce lands are trash.
I don't have much else to say about it other than they're bad.

And that's the end of that. I'd like to thank everyone who took part in the voting and hope you guys enjoy the results.
Do you agree or disagree with the results? Let me know and let's start a discussion.

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